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Why go to Serengeti

If you ask anyone who has been to Tanzania they will always recommend heading to Serengeti National Park. It’s hard not to as the park is known for the Great Wildebeest Migration taking place year around. It’s home to a rich wildlife and birdlife. And has a great variety of scenic landscapes which makes for a great backdrop to the vast African sky.

There are many reasons why you should never miss out on a chance to visit Serengeti. The most obvious being that this would be one of the best places to go on game drives. You’ll be sure to see predators and preys in action. In the same manner, bird watching enthusiasts will also have plenty to see. You’ll have a good chance to see the Big Five while going around the park amongst many other animals that call this park their home.

The Great Migration primarily takes place in Serengeti so you will get a lot of chances to track and follow them here. Your guide is well trained to help make the most of the experience and be at the best spots to witness these majestic creatures. People have exclaimed that getting to experience the Great Migration is a once in a lifetime experience.

Serengeti is also known for its scenic landscapes. With an impressive area of 14,750 km², it is easy to get lost in the wilderness of Serengeti. The park is divided into four regions: northern, southern, central and western. Each region highlights certain animals and animal movement, usually dependent on the time of year you’re visiting. The park has a diverse landscape that includes: grassland plains, savanna, riverine forest, and woodlands. You will never be bored once you find yourself in the Serengeti.

The Different Regions of Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is divided into four regions. The northern, southern, central and western region of Serengeti each has their own unique features. Depending on animal movement and time of year you will catch a lively atmosphere within each region. Our guides are well equipped and knowledgeable about the animal movements so you won’t have to worry about missing a thing.

The northern region has a mixed landscape of hills, riverine forests, plains and rocky outcrops. The Mara river also cuts through this region. Thus, this is where you want to be should you want to catch the river crossing even of the Great Migration. This region is famous for cheetahs which can be seen running around in the plains of Northern Serengeti. And if you’re lucky to be around during the Mara river crossing event of the Great Migration you’ll be able to see the likes of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles crossing the river to the Masai Mara in Kenya. Not only that, you’ll also catch a glimpse of crocodiles trying to tackle them for a meal. And on the other side of the river even more predators will be waiting — lions, hyenas and leopards among many others. The best time to visit the Northern Serengeti is from July to October which is around the time the river crossing takes place. November is also another great time to be in the area as this is when the Great Migration heads back to Serengeti for calving season.

The southern region of Serengeti is known for the Great Migration’s calving season. The terrain in this region is composed of open plains and short grasses as well as some granite kopjes spread out. The terrain makes this place great for game viewing. It also is home to a seasonal lake known as Lake Ndutu or Lagarja which is surrounded by acacia trees. It’s considered to be the most scenic spot in this region. You won’t be short of wildlife in this region. Giraffes, wildebeest, zebras, elephants and many other animals are often seen by Lake Ndutu. You’ll also get a chance to see flamingos by the lake. The best time to visit this region is between January to March when the calving season starts. The area around Lake Ndutu is filled with wildebeest and their calves dotted with zebras and gazelles. It is estimated that about 8.000 calves are born each year. It’s truly interesting to witness when passing through the region.

The Central Serengeti region is also known as Seronera. This area is known to be full of animals all year round and where you can enjoy a hot air balloon safari. The terrain in the area varies from grasslands, acacia forests and riverine areas. A popular attraction in this region is the Seronera River Valley where the Retina Hippo Pool can be found. This waterhole is inhabited by massive numbers of hippos. Aside from hippos, tourists who visit this area will be able to catch a glimpse of lions, zebra, antelopes giraffes among many more. Although the region is brimming with life all year round, the best time to visit is between April to early June when the Great Migration passes through the area and most of the action happens.

Lastly, there’s the western region of the Serengeti also known as the Western Corridor. Its landscape is hilly and filled with wooded large forests of acacia. Visitors will also find the Grumeti river in this region and it’s the location where the Great Migration experiences the first leg of river crossing. It’s an exciting event where the wildebeest, zebras and even gazelles make their way across the river. They not only fight against the current but also try to avoid the bite of the crocodiles that calls the river home. Tourists can also catch a sight of hyenas, cheetahs and lions in the area as well as black and white Colobus monkeys, fast-paced Patas monkeys, buffalos and elephants among many more. The best time to go visit this area is during the low season from April to May. Tourist can take advantage of the lower priced accommodations during this season.

Best time to go
All Year Round
Best Places
Seronera, Mara River, Lake Ndutu
River Crossing, Calving Season, Balloon Safari

Serengeti National Park Tours

8 Days Tanzania Great Migration Experience

8 Days Tanzania Great Migration Experience


This safari tour takes you around Tanzania to witness The Great Migration at its finest as great beasts search for greener grass. Don’t miss out on this wildlife spectacle and catch The Great Migration in motion with this tour!


8 Days The Migration In Style

8 Days The Migration in Style


This safari tour takes you around to catch The Great Migration as it crosses the Serengeti Plains. Get to witness around 1.5 million wildebeests, with hundreds of thousands of zebras, elands, gazelles along with a trailing retinue of predators as you track them with your guide.


10 Days 9 Nights Special Serengeti Migration Safari

10 Days 9 Nights Special Serengeti Migration Safari


The safari take you to the famous Northern circuit parks with most of the time delegated to following and viewing the great Serengeti migration.


What to expect on a typical day at Serengeti

On a typical day at Serengeti you will enjoy a wonderful breakfast at your lodge. After your first meal, the guide will take you on your morning game drive in the Serengeti region you are currently at. Lunch is often packed and eaten while you are out in the open. After lunch, you will then proceed with your afternoon game drive.

Our guides are knowledgeable about each area, about animal movements and the best locations to spot some game drive action. Most of your time will typically be spent tracking the Great Migration. In doing so, you will have bigger chances in catching a predator stalking and attacking its prey. Prepare to keep your eyes open to take in the wonder before you as you traverse the terrains of Serengeti. Under the African sky everything is picture perfect and just how you would imagine a quintessential African safari would be.

When evening comes, you will be driven to your lodge or camp allowing you to unwind after spending the day in the Serengeti wild. Dinner will be served as well and guests are allowed to enjoy the lodging amenities to their heart’s content. Evenings are free for guests to rest and prepare for their next adventure the next day. They’ll be able to enjoy their accommodations amenities like enjoying the cooling waters of the pool, candle lit dinner if you are feeling romantic or even just a drink amongst fellow travelers.

Experience in Serengeti

Aside from the typical game drives that can be enjoyed in the Serengeti area, tourist can enjoy going on a hot air balloon safari. It’s a whole new experience to get to see wildlife from the sky. It’s a whole new world up there and truly an experience you will never forget. Tourists can also take time to visit a Masai village in the area. During which visitors are warmly welcomed and able to learn the traditions, rituals and way of life of the Masai people. What better way to learn more about the area you are visiting than to see it through the eyes that calls it their home. Hiking and horseback riding is also possible to enjoy in the Serengeti. This provides tourists an opportunity to get close to the plants, trees and smaller animals. There are locations set aside for this kind of activities.

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